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Disney “Belle” scented candle, natural and refillable **FINAL SALE**

New in March 2023. “Sensual Rose” fragrance (same as the limited edition) The Disney “Belle” refillable scented candle by Maison Francal is one of the best sellers in the Disney universe. The olfactory notes of the Disney “Belle” Refillable Scented Candle, around the irresistible rose, have been carefully selected to make you plunge into a romantic atmosphere. Once illuminated, it will make you, big (children) or small, gently switch into the sweet and sincere world of childhood. With its 100% vegetable wax based on rapeseed and coconut oil, without GMO, without paraffin, without additives, 100% made in France, the fragrance of the Disney “Belle” refillable scented candle is made in Grasse by a “Nose”. This luxury product comes to your home for an average burn time of around 50/60 hours. Once the candle is finished, there will be no wax left in the glass, you can then give it a second life: a jewelry jar, a flower pot... or buy a REFILL (several scents).


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