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FUNKO POP! KEYCHAIN: My Hero Academia - Kyoka Jiro (MHA)

Some heroes fly. Others have super strength. Kyoka Jiro is a different kind of hero entirely. You see, this hero Rocks! Not that her power is literally using rock music to take down villains. However, with her quick Earphone Jack, this hero can hear a foe coming from a mile away. Thanks to her impressive intelligence, she can devise a plan to take down just about any enemy.

If Kyoka Jiro is one of your favorite characters in the My Hero Academia anime, then you'll be happy to know that you can travel anywhere with this hero. All you need to do is add this Funko Pop! Keychain: My Hero Academia - Kyoka Jiro Vinyl Figure to your set of keys. She'll be sure to protect you from The League of Villains and any of those other small-time criminals!

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